Our Bookkeeping Training Will Teach You How to Use Bookkeeping for Business Success

Our Financial Training Helps You Achieve
This Critical Skill Painlessly!

Bookkeeping is the mainstay of small business successBookkeeping is a systematic way to organize all of the financial information that a small business need to keep track of.

So why, exactly do you need to keep track of so many different pieces of financial information? Well... You have to keep track of it, if you want to end up KEEPING it!

Let's start with a handy reference... For a financial system to balance, some accounts are called debit accounts, while others are called credit accounts, as follows:

Credit Accounts:

  • Liabilities
  • Revenues
  • Equity

To increase, CREDIT
To decrease, DEBIT

Debit Accounts:

  • Assets
  • Expenses
  • Profit or loss

To increase, DEBIT
To decrease, CREDIT

The training covers 3 discussion areas:

  • Chart of accounts — These are all the accounts that relate to your business activities, such as loans, advertising, sales, etc.

  • Journal — This is similar to a diary, where you can track your business activities.

  • Ledgers — These financial records contain individual records for each account.

Our engaging videos and workbooks will help you master each of these topics.

"For start-up and entrepreneurial clients, the series is very appropriate. They make complicated concepts easily understandable. Imagine not having to explain break-even! EVERYONE can use them." Jim King, Small Business Development Center, New York

Sample Our Program

Each program comes with both a workbook and companion videos on DVD. We understand that many people are reluctant to buy online, especially when it comes to training materials. So we've made some samples available...

View a sample page from the workbook:

sample workbook page from the sales success video training

View a sample clip from the DVD:

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