Master Cash Flow Forecasting for Small Business Success

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Cash flow forecasting recognizes sales only when the customer pays you.

Cash Flow Forecasting is Fun!As a small business owner, one of your jobs is to monitor, measure, invest, borrow and collect enough money so you can operate on track. Think of it like this... If the body is the business, cash flow is the blood, lymph and sweat pounding through it.

Our cash flow forecasting video training clearly demonstrates what a cash flow forecast is, how it works, and how to maximize your money using this tool. Exercises using the following steps are featured:

  1. Opening balance sheet. We'll examine closing balances for accounts receivable, accounts payable and the bank. New businesses also include personal investments, loans and prepaid expenses.
  2. Sales. Learn how to look at projected credit sales, month-by-month, according to the payment schedule you expect.
  3. Cash-ins. Next, you'll list projected cash sales, month-by-month.
  4. Cash-outs. Next step is to examine planned purchases month-by-month, according to your suppliers' payment terms.
  5. Summary. Then, you transfer your previously calculated totals, and subtract monthly cash-outs from monthly cash-ins.
  6. Cash flow forecast. Using the information gathered in the previous steps, you'll be ready to calculate your monthly cash position. And then, you can use the peaks and valleys in your cash flow to help you plan for remedial or growth activities.

None of this makes sense? Don't worry... you'll be a budding expert once we're finished with you! Our engaging videos and workbooks will help you master each of these topics.

"This series provides a good understanding... especially for a diverse group of people." Al Demaki, Director of Training, Subway Sandwiches

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Each program comes with both a workbook and companion videos on DVD. We understand that many people are reluctant to buy online, especially when it comes to training materials. So we've made some samples available...

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sample workbook page from the sales success video training

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