Financial Forecast Made Easy - Video Training for Small Business

Our Financial Training Helps You Achieve
This Critical Skill Painlessly!

Financial forecasting is a way to solidify your future dreams today.

Financial Forecast made easyThis course teaches a simple method of business forecasting that anyone can apply to a small or home-based business. It's critical to map out a plan to have the right money when needed—personally and professionally.

Financial forecasting is the art of casting a fly today in the hopes of catching a fish for tomorrow. You might think of it as a way to simulate your very own crystal ball. Five main discussion areas are covered in this program:

  • Setting financial goals for both business & family
  • Drafting a pro forma operating statement
  • Putting together a capital plan
  • Developing a pro forma balance sheet
  • Determining your break-even point

Our engaging videos and workbooks will help you master each of these topics.

"I kept snapping back into learning mode in spite of myself. They're very good and VERY charming!" John Owen, Distributor

Sample Our Program

Each program comes with both a workbook and companion videos on DVD. We understand that many people are reluctant to buy online, especially when it comes to training materials. So we've made some samples available...

View a sample page from the workbook:

sample workbook page from the sales success video training

View a sample clip from the DVD:

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