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Our video training brings concepts to lifeBusiness Buffet is the Micro Business Video Series. This package is designed to help you succeed by delivering the most content in the shortest possible time. Filled with information, illustrations, and exercises, each video is no longer than 15 minutes, so you can work ON your business while you're working IN it.

You can watch alone or with others, and you'll want to review the materials over and over to keep gaining new insights. With each program, you get a professional quality DVD and a workbook that becomes your personal reference and planning notebook.

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"I wish I'd had something like this BEFORE I went into business." Linda McGarvey, American Management Association

Take the Mystery Out of Finding, Getting, and Keeping Customers

Take the mystery out of marketingMarketing means organizing all of your resources within your environment to meet customer needs, annihilate the competition and still make a profit.

Classically, marketing includes the "4 Ps":

  1. Product—Creating or adapting a product (or service) to fit a particular set of prospects

  2. Place—setting up a distribution system that fits the locations and logistics that reach the prospects

  3. Promotion—reflecting the features and benefits of the product in all of your sales efforts

  4. Price—setting a price that successfully gauges (not gouges) how much the prospects are willing to pay for the real and perceived values that hover in and around the product

This "marketing mix" comprises the elements that you can control, and aims to suit the prospect within an uncontrollable environment of other factors, such as the competition, the economic environment, the ecology and climate, the particular society and culture, their behavior (why, how and when people buy) and their characteristics (income, education, sophistication, lifestyle, occupation, location and so on.

After taking these controllable and uncontrollable factors into consideration, you design your marketing mix so it will hopefully be appealing enough to the prospects you expect to reach so that they'll pay your asking price (AND you'll successfully fight off your competition, survive and thrive!)

Make sure the customers you're trying to reach are also trying to reach you!

Finding, Getting, and Keeping Customers features 3 programs on:

  1. Market Analysis
  2. Market Strategy & Promotion
  3. Sales Success

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Take the Fear Out of Finance... You CAN Take Control

Take the Fear Out of FinanceFinance refers to all aspects of money acquisition and management so organized as to contribute to short- and long-term profit by assuring that it and other aspects of operations (marketing, administration and people) are efficient, effective and economical.

Classically, finance includes:

  1. Tracking and reporting of earnings (sales and other revenue), financing (acquiring capital and other resources), investing (maximizing financial resources), and administration (bookkeeping, accounting and the preparation of statements so management can act and react is a timely fashion)

  2. Tax preparation and administration of other government requirements

  3. Advising on compensation, benefits and bonuses to keep employee turnover to a reasonable level

  4. Negotiating with suppliers, financiers and owners in the company's interest

  5. Keeping current with the company's economic and market environments

Taking the Fear Out of Finance features 5 programs to help you understand quickly and easily:

Finance & Marketing Videos

"Though each program is brief, the content is surprisingly complete and the information worthwhile." Library Journal

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