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Sales Success Comes From Happy Customers

Regardless of the type of business, a sale has to happen for it to exist.

Based on relationship selling, Sales Success presents the sales process in eight simple steps, with examples of how to apply each step. The following exercises/discussion areas are featured:

  1. Prospect. Explore how to identify which person or company qualifies as a potential customer (i.e., has a perceived need and is able to pay).
  2. Features. Learn the difference between a product's features, or physical attributes, and its benefits. Features include things such as how it looks, feels, sounds, tastes, smells.
  3. Product Benefits. Explore how and why each feature of a product would be of interest to each particular target group.
  4. Buying Motivators. Learn the "4 Ps", the reasons that motivate people to buy... pleasure, profit, pride, and pain.
  5. Asking the Right Questions. Knowing which questions to ask and when (and which ones to avoid altogether) can make a significant difference in your sales success.
    • Closed Questions. Master the art of asking the right kinds of questions... the open kind. Closed questions that begin "Do you...?" and "Have you...?" are often answered with a flat yes or no. Learn how this is a barrier to sales.
    • Open-ended Questions. Learn how to ask open-ended questions that start with who? what? where? when? why? and how? These questions invite the other person's views and feelings.
    • Gap Questions. Learn how to ask questions that are designed to identify gaps in service, production, customer satisfaction, etc. In other words... what should be happening to make it work?
    • Implication Questions. Know the questions that increase your prospect's awareness of the effect of not buying what you're selling—what it has cost, is costing, and will cost in the future if they don't act now.
    • Situation Questions. Identify the questions that ask for specific information about a company's structure, products, and policies.
  6. Forecast. Successful sales depend on the ability to make accurate predictions or estimates.
  7. Marketing. Understand how to organize all the resources of your business to meet a customer need, annihilate the competition, and make a profit in a changing environment.

Our engaging videos and workbooks will help you master each of these topics. Before you know it, you'll be a master at successful selling!

"For start-up and entrepreneurial clients, the series is very appropriate. They make complicated concepts easily understandable. Imagine not having to explain break-even! EVERYONE can use them." Jim King, Small Business Development Center, New York

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