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Teachers, here's a quick read on the entire video program set from Business Buffet… check out the rest of the site, too. But we know how busy you are!

Taking the Fear Out of Finance

Innovative, edutaining visual approach distills 3-hour workshops on a variety of business basic topics into 12-minute programs. Interactive, animated, generic energetic video and handbook series is market-tested and proven, with great feedback from high school teachers and business coordinators. Low per-student cost includes public performance rights and lets you teach endless classes for the price of a textbook.

  1. How to Read Financial Statements — Demonstrates the relationship between balance sheet and income statement so students learn how to read and use both money-management tools.
  2. Bookkeeping — Bookkeeping is a systematic way to organize financial information. This video provides an overview of the process, walking you through each of the steps. Chart of accounts, ledger, journal worksheets and closings.
  3. Cash Flow Forecast — Several jobs of the owner are to monitor, measure, invest, borrow and collect enough money to operate on track. This video clearly demonstrates what one is, how it works and how to use it.
  4. Financial Forecast — The art of casting today to catch a fish tomorrow, successful financial forecasting not only increases survival and prosperity for a business, it will help individual students plan their own financial futures. It’s critical to map out a plan to have the right resources when needed. Goals are covered, along with pro-forma income statements, capital plan, pro-forma balance sheet and break-even.
  5. Financial Analysis — Careful analysis is the key to tracking performance and getting a fix on how you're doing. This video shows the key concepts and how to use them. Nine financial ratios are demonstrated.

Taking the Mystery out of Marketing

  1. Market Analysis — Helps you and your students produce a “snapshot” of their markets with critical business plan factors (vision, targets, trading areas, market research, competition).
  2. Sales Success — Relationship selling in eight simple steps: preparing, contacting, questioning, ascertaining needs and buying motivators, benefitting prospects, welcoming objections, closing and post-sales service.
  3. Market Strategy & Promotion — Guides students through the “what, where, why, when and how” they'll reach their markets. This video covers positioning, customer reality, product, price, promotion and place and estimating sales potential.

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